Dr. Joseph Mercola on Molecular Hydrogen and Magnesium

Dr. Joseph Mercola speaks about the benefits of Magnesium and Molecular Hydrogen in mitigating the damage created by Electronic Devices and EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies). He also mentions the benefits of consuming H2 Tablets while flying in airplanes.

The video will begin at the 45:38 mark.  It is an excellent presentation. We recommend watching the entire video when you have time.

The Science of H2 Water

The Science behind Hydrogen Water.  Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, and James B. Lavalle.

Izumio Water is sold pre-made in Aluminum Pouches. The H2 concentration, at production, is 2.6ppm with 200ml of water.
1 HYDRORICH Tablet in 200ml of water will achieve an H2 concentration of well over 10.0ppm. (and also contains highly absorbable Ionic Magnesium)

1 Pouch of Izumio costs about $3.50.  1 HYDRORICH Tablet costs $1. (at $60/Bottle)